Membership Application

  1. Regular Members
    Companies who own billboards and lease them to the public.
    Membership rates vary.
  2. Associate Members
    Businesses who own billboards or use them to promote their products, vendors and suppliers to the outdoor industry.
    Membership is $200.00 annually.
  3. Grass Roots Members
    Individuals who support the association such as industry employees, property owners and others.
    Membership is $10.00 annually

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By submitting this form, the acceptance of membership in the Iowa Outdoor Advertising Association implies an acceptance of all the provisions of the Charter and Constitution and Bylaws of the Association. The Association is formed to:

  1. Insure the rights of all members to operate their business without undue regulation or interference by state, county or city governments.
  2. Provide for the Iowa business community an efficient and economical instrument of distributing, merchandising and advertising.
  3. Insure, through standardization of practice, facilities and structures, a readily available and flexible advertising medium.
  4. Conduct the business with due consideration of the public interest and welfare.
  5. Advance the common interests of those engaged in the business of outdoor advertising in Iowa.
  6. Provide a forum for the exchange of information and the advancement of technology within the outdoor operations of Iowa.