Public Service

Through the generosity of OAAI members, charitable organizations and law enforcement agencies have the ability to post critical messages at low or no cost. Public Services Announcements (PSA) inform the community on important matters; such as: preventative health services, safety reminders, missing person information. PSAs can be split into two categories.

1. Public Service Campaigns

Non profits work with OOAI to get their message out at a very low cost for the company. Examples include Boost your Booty and Don’t Drink and Drive campaigns.

2. Law Enforcement Assistance

a. OAAI works with Law Enforcement both local and national to get messages out to the community. Whether it is an amber alert , missing person, or a cold case, OAAI wants to ensure the community is informed

For more information about PSA please contact Jim Schumacher at Lamar Advertising of Dubuque, 563-556-4141